Interview: OG Maco's Not Happy With Cultural Appropriation Abroad, Doesn't Actually Think His Fans are Stupid

We caught up with OG Maco at SXSW to talk racism, cultural appropriation, and "U Guessed It."


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While down in Austin, TX for SXSW, we ran into OG Maco. It's been months since we first caught wind of his infectious hit "U Guessed It," which has gone on to introduce him to a growing legion of fans, and even spawned a number of parodies and international songs that sound pretty damn similar. He's released plenty of music since the viral hit but it's still a topic of discussion. 

In an interview with Fader about "U Guessed It," Maco said the song's success can be attributed to people's stupidity. He cleared up exactly what he meant with us, how he deals with fan expectations and feels like "U Guessed It" is far from his most meaningful work. He also elaborated on his previous comments that the K-Pop equivalent of the song was an instance of cultural appropriation, and spoke candidly about race—specifically the usage of the n-word at his shows.

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