Peanut Butter Wolf Reminisces on MF DOOM Making 'Madvillainy' on Album's 20th Anniversary

The Stones Throw Records founder detailed how DOOM and Madlib recorded the LP in his basement.

Music artist in mask singing into microphone on stage
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Music artist in mask singing into microphone on stage

MF DOOM and Madlib dropped their classic album Madvillainy 20 years ago.

On Saturday, Peanut Butter Wolf, the founder of Stones Throw Records, which released the LP, hopped in the comment section of Complex Music's Instagram post to shed light on how the classic album was made.

According to the Stones Throw Records founder, Madlib and DOOM recorded Madvilliany at his house, with the former crafting beats in the basement while the latter laid down vocals in his bedroom.

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"This was an album where Madlib chose to record the beats in my basement that we called The Bomb Shelter (it was literally a concrete bomb shelter)," Peanut Butter Wolf wrote. "DOOM recorded his vocals in my bedroom down the hall where we also had @ecoleye doa photo shoot that became the album cover."

Peanut Butter Wolf continued, "The LA release party was at The Fonda (a modest sized venue) and we stacked the bill w/ me, J Rocc, Madlib, Dilla, and Common, besides (the headliner) DOOM because we were afraid it wouldn't sell out. We did a few more shows that month with the same lineup in a few major markets to small but very excited crowds. That was it in terms of promotion, besides doing 3 LOW BUDGET music videos (2 in the same day) that I convinced DOOM into reluctantly doing. It's the first (and only) album on my 28-year-old label to go Gold."

In celebration of the album's 20th anniversary, Complex's Jordan Rose highlighted some facts that you probably didn't know about the classic project. He explained the orange square on the cover of MadVillainy was inspired by a Madonna album.

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