Boosie Badazz Reveals He's Cancer Free While Mourning Loss of His Doctor

Boosie Badazz hopped on Instagram on Tuesday to reveal he's cancer free. In a post in which the rapper celebrates the news, he mourned the death of his doctor.

Boosie Badazz speaks during 2022 Revolt Summit

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Boosie Badazz speaks during 2022 Revolt Summit

Boosie Badazz is cancer free.

The Baton Rouge rapper hopped on Instagram on Tuesday to celebrate the news, while also revealing that he recently found out that his “doctor/surgeon” passed away last year unbeknownst to Boosie.

“Stayed up all night praying for these results,” Boosie wrote. “CANCER FREE! GOD [is] GREAT, BUT HE [TESTS] YOUR FAITH ALL THE TIME!” “[I] was ready to see my cancer doctor/surgeon today, but I was told he passed last year. Thank [you], Dr. Wood, for always making me laugh when I was down. [You] were the best.”

Boosie continued by sharing a pre-surgery story that captures the type of man his doctor was. 

“I remember you rubbin my head when I was cryin before surgery,” he said. “You ask me why I was crying n I told U I was thinkin about all the wrong I’ve done n my life n you said Mr. Boosie, God forgives n don’t worry, I’ve done more surgeries than you’ve done concerts.”

Boosie was diagnosed with kidney cancer back in 2015. That December, he updated fans on his condition after undergoing a successful surgery that removed the cancer from his kidney. Months later, Boosie blasted people who claimed the rapper didn’t actually have cancer.

“I’m tired of these stupid mothafuckas saying I ain’t have cancer sending me DMs asking why am I lying saying I had cancer,” he wrote on Instagram at the time. “Who wants to fake or lie about something like that not me ,not a real one wtf u mad cause I asked for prayers n gottem /I don’t get it / well mf’s this my cancer scar a week after my surgery (FACTS).”

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