Rik Cordero Sits Down With Migos To Discuss Making the "Bando" Movie

Here's how the first trap musical came to be.

Yesterday, Migos released the trap musical, "Bando," which compiled several of their songs into one continuous short film. "Bando" is based on their lives growing up in Atlanta, and shows some of the less than glamorous activities Migos took part in to get to the top. Rik Cordero, the director of the short film, sat down with Migos in their hometown to talk about creating "Bando."

With this short film, Migos effectively brought their real life stories to the screen. "Ain't nobody really made a movie and then turned it into one of their videos, turned it into their verses," Quavo said. "It's kind of bringing something new to the table, and it's going to look good." 

Rik Cordero cited Migos' ubiquitous influence in pop culture as one of the main reasons he took the project on. "My biggest influence for making the film was obviously the music and how the “Migos Flow” has permeated pop culture. But beneath the flashy videos and expensive clothes, there’s a real story about three young men who achieved success despite making some bad decisions early in life. It’s a snapshot of their life growing up in the trap and how music played a major role in their coming-of-age."

We've got the exclusive interview with Rik Cordero and Migos, which you can watch above. 

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