Moneybagg Yo Says He Makes Up to $200,000 Per Show, Disputes Reported $4 Million Net Worth

In an interview with Speedy Morman, Moneybagg Yo said he once made $200,000 and discussed his reported net worth.

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In an interview with Speedy Morman, rapper Moneybagg Yo revealed how much he makes per show and discussed what his net worth is looking like these days.

At around the 31-minute mark of 360 With Speedy Morman , as seen above, Yo was asked if his reported net worth of $4 million was accurate. "No," he replied with a laugh. "I think the net worth go off what you got in the system... I forgot." He stressed that he's worth "way more," and said he once got $200,000 for just one show. "That set the standard, $200k a show," he said. "I'm still a hustler, I'm a street n***a at the end of the day so I understand business, too. So it's like, everybody ain't got the $200k, I ain't going no less 1$50k though we're gonna make it happen."

Back in 2021, Yo opened up with his fans, and suggested that he went from charging just $750 for a guest feature to over $100,000 for just one verse. “I swear I used to get $750 for a feature now look, dets a whole nother conversation,” the rapper, who has always been up-front about the money he makes, shared.

Elsewhere in the chat, Moneybagg revealed that he's received comments from fans about posting advertisements for marijuana companies and brands on Twitter before, but it's proven very lucrative for him. "Some people look at me crazy for doing little weed posters and different stuff like that," he said. "It ain't even 'cause I need the money, I don't need the money. I understand the hustle. ... They finna pay me $50[k], $75,000 just for this story and feed post. Guess what? my kids needed this, they pay for that. I just paid my whole monthly expenses off two weed posters." If he didn't do any such deal, he said it would be like leaving "money on the floor."

Check out the full interview with Speedy Morman above.

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