Mario Judah Offers a Look at His Rags-to-Riches Story in the Debut Episode of Complex's Docuseries 'No Co-Sign'

In the first episode of Complex’s new series 'No Co-Sign​​​,' rising rap-rock star Mario Judah offers a behind the scenes look at his rags-to-riches story.

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Rising rap-rock star Mario Judah found viral fame last year after his debut song “Die Very Rough” made waves on Spotify and SoundCloud. The Atlanta-based musician had been producing beats for other musicians for years, but it was only when he starting singing over his own production that he found success. In the first episode of Complex’s new docuseries No Co-Sign, Judah offers a behind the scenes look at his rags-to-riches story.

Revisiting his upbringing, Judah reflects on his brief experience in the military and how he didn't know what he was gonna do with his life until he started making music. “This is the man that got me into Pantera,” Judah says upon introducing his father, who sees his son’s face tattoo in person for the first time in the episode. He noted his father also introduced him to some of the most iconic rappers of all-time, including Rakim among others.

The episode also offers a look at his rising stature, going from broke to working with the HYV in Los Angeles. “Damn, this shit is happening organically,” he noted of his rise, and gaining the attention of some of his favorite artists out right now. “That’s what I wanna do, just inspire millions of people with the music,” he concludes, ending the episode with an intense performance of “Kill All the Enemies.”

Watch the first episode of No Co-Sign above.

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