Logic Shares New Songs "Tetris" and "Decades"

Shortly after announcing his tour with Wiz Khalifa, Logic has returned with two new songs, “Decades” and "Tetris," with the latter getting a music video.

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After announcing his upcoming tour with Wiz Khalifa earlier this month, Logic has returned with two new songs, “Decades” and “Tetris.” The latter comes with a music video, above, that was directed, shot, and edited by JT Clemente.

The tracks see Logic thriving over throwback production from his frequent collaborator 6ix. With a distinctively muffled, lo-fi quality to his vocals, he’s clearly going for a nostalgic boom-bap approach on the pair of tracks. “Tetris” and “Decades” also mark his first significant drop since he released Bobby Tarantino III last year, which was his first project since announcing his “retirement” in 2020.

Prior to the new songs, Logic shared a message to his record label Def Jam on Instagram, blaming it for “fucking up” his work. “What the fuck is going on, man?” he said. “I told Def Jam I wanted to release my shit as a two-pack, and I just found out they’re releasing it as two singles at the same time. What kind of shit is that?”

He also accused Def Jam of prohibiting him from releasing any music videos “early” because it could “upset” some of the label’s business partners. “I don’t give a fuck about none of that shit,” he continued. “I care about my fans, man, I care about hip-hop. … Def Jam, do not fuck up my release. Vinyl Days is coming out in June.”

Listen to “Tetris” and “Decades” below.


Logic is set to kick off his Vinyl Verse co-headlining tour with Wiz later this year.

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