The Best Rap Verses of the Month January 2017

A monthly series to find who has the best bars.

Rick Ross Best Rap Verse of the Month January 2017
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Rick Ross Best Rap Verse of the Month January 2017

Rap-wise, 2017is off to a slow start. Migos dropped their highly anticipated sophomore studio album Culture, but none of the individual verses stood out as a clear winner for Best Rap Verse of the Month. Offset and Quavo each showed out on "Bad and Boujee," but that dropped back in October of last year. That left two standout picks for January. Oddisee's first verse on "Like Really," off his forthcoming project The Iceberg, was my first pick. The DC rapper is underrated in every sense of the word and has been one of the most consistent cats to put it down, year in and year out.

Rick Ross, however, came through with a banger of a verse sandwiched between Lupe and Big K.R.I.T. on the newly-released "Tranquillo." I love when Renzel gets on his bottom to the top shit. A lot of reflection and pain in his offering, which always wins me over. The Best Rap Verse of January 2017 goes to the Boss.

"I got bitches on bitches
All my dreams and my visions
I remember me fishin' out of canals in the trenches
Now a nigga be flossy
Rolls Royce lookin' glossy
Quick to put down a demo to get these haters up off me
I like to smoke to myself
I just try to improve
Let my son hold my strap while I swim laps in the pool
Told my daughter the rules which we all must abide
Your daddy was far from perfect, things we did to survive
I just wanted to fly, they always lookin' down on us
School district full of killers, I mean these niggas ferocious
Only violence and drugs, there was nothin' for us
All I had was this music, I couldn't afford to do much" - Rick Ross
The voice, the cadence: all flawless. Like Oddisee, Ross has been a beacon of consistency over the last several years, and with bars like this he seems to be getting better. Let's see if he can top (or at least come close to) Teflon Don again.

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