21 Savage Legally Allowed to Travel Overseas, Plans to Perform In London

This will mark 21's first-ever performance in London.

Jason Koerner / Getty Images

21 Savage has been given clearance to legally travel outside of the United States and plans to perform for the first time ever in his native London.

"She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph followed all applicable Immigration laws since his initial detention by ICE. His immigration court proceedings have now been terminated and he is a lawful resident of the United States with the freedom to travel internationally," Savage’s lawyer, Charles Kuck, said in a statement on Friday.

On Friday night, Savage, who was born in the United Kingdom, released a video titled "London, I'm Coming Home." The video, uploaded to his Instagram, contains clips of his childhood memories and teased that he would be returning to the country that he left when he was seven years old.

While the 30-year-old rapper announced his upcoming planned performance in his native London, further details on the event have not yet been released.

Over the weekend, the Slaughter Gang boss traveled to Toronto for the last two scheduled shows on Drizzy's It's All A Blur Tour Friday and Saturday at the Scotiabank Arena. However, during Friday's show, Drake announced 21 didn't make it as he didnt get through the border.

News of the rapper's ability to travel outside of the U.S. was first announced on Drake's For All the Dogs track "8AM in Charlotte." On the song, Drizzy raps, "Savage got a green card straight out of the consulate. Where I go, you go, brother, we Yugoslavian."

In August, 21 Savage collaborated with British rapper Giggs on his new album Zero Tolerance and on one of the tracks, he references his immigration issues and what he intends to do once he obtains his green card.

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