Premiere: Listen to Ritual's "The Fall"

Cryptic group Ritual releases a gloomy new single, "The Fall."

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Little is known about Ritual, the cryptic group of artists behind a new song titled "The Fall." The secretive quartet—equal parts videographer, producer, live instrumentalist and singer—together prove brooding over destroyed relationships can be just as devastating as teary screams. With a song as skillfully made as this, we can't help but wonder if "The Fall" is in fact the disguised work of an established act.

"She left with the change in the leaves," the lead folk vocalist sings, alluding to the track's title. As one line bleeds into the next, the blurred lyrics take a backseat to the saddened delivery. The beat swells with strings, making the song all the more cinematic. Stream "The Fall" below and get ready for its official single release date on Sept. 1.

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