A celebrated name within the UK underground scene for the best part of two decades, in recent years DJ and producer Hitty has turned his attention to house music, injecting elements of the sound that raised him and bringing house back to its roots in the process. Although he primarily made his name as a producer, he's also got a long history as a selector for stations like Heat FM and Axe FM. 

With the clubs closed and touring off the table, Hitty's been forced to get creative to get his DJ sets out there. Rather than simply live-streaming a set on Instagram from his house (which he's also done during lockdown), this time he's journeyed deep into the woods with his decks and a video camera to record just over an hour of deep, bassy house music for our headtops. 

Speaking with Complex via email, Hitty said: "This set was inspired by the concept of bringing music to a natural space then taking it out the ordinary to create a visual vibe that complements the sound similar to the effect lighting gives in a club. The edit of the pink hue was inspired by a video I came across by U.S. rapper Russ. Lockdown has pushed me to challenge my creativity to keep people interested in what I represent. Instead of me sitting here feeling hard done by and left out by the government due to the lack of support for the scene, I feel I have enough creative abilities to adapt and get through these challenging times we're all going through. Visual content is something I've always wanted to work on, and right now I'm happy in that creative space. So just know we're already working on episode 2! Stay tuned."

Watch Hitty's Lost In The Woods exclusively above.