In music publishing, companies buy catalogs from labels and oversee the way intellectual property is used on television, in films, and on the web. Hipgnosis wants to deal directly with artists that own their own masters, because labels often gain control by preying on young artists desperate for cash advances and a legitimate record deal. Mercuriadis and his group prefer to buy catalogs from artists, because purchasing catalogs directly from the source gives artists the ability to make the decision for themselves. Once Mercuriadis’ team secures the contract, all royalties will be paid out to them, at which point, if the song is successful, the group’s share price will rise and investors will cash in. Essentially, Mercuriadis is betting that songs are impervious to the market’s fluctuations, and that songs are forever. While most companies hire writers to then collaborate with other artists in hopes of scoring some part of the royalty (or buying catalogs from labels), Hipgnosis is focused on managing songs that are already proven entities. Mercuriadis outlines the difference as song creation versus song management.