Boj, the godfather of Alte, has just stepped up with the Afrobeats team-up of the year, calling on two of the busiest legends in the game—Davido and Mr. Eazi—for his new single "Abracadabra". 

Mixing a bumping Afrobeats swing with finger-picked guitars and just a hint of Latin influence, the three heroes find common ground between Afropop, Alte and straight-up Afrobeats for a track that's as spellbinding as the title suggests. Playing up to the larger than life personas of all three artists, the visuals put each artist in increasingly surreal settings. So pour yourself a drink, turn this one up loud and step into a world filled with giant mushrooms, cacti and cartoonish surrealism.

"I started 'Abracadabra' with my long-term producer Genio," Boj told Complex via email. "Being a fan of Mr. Eazi, I reached out to him to send his verse and he sent it across. I then reached out to Davido, who is a friend, to jump on the track and he came through, making this track a mad banger! This song means no matter what you go through in life, every action leads to a reaction and nothing isn't really what it seems. I really wanted to cast a spell on my listeners and make them dance."

Watch the video for "Abracadabra" exclusively above.