Cold Game Slayter has been consistent this past year with the impressive Cold at Night tape in 2019 and this year's World Got Me Fucked Up, Vol. 1 which includes a pretty good posse cut featuring Benny, Retch, and Smoke DZA. This track—"Location"—is another standout track on the album and is produced by Frankie P & Motif Alumni with scratches from Statik Selektah. The video follows Slayter on a random night in the hood as he goes about his day. Slayter hit us with some thoughts on the song, the video, and the project. Check 'em out below.

On the song:
"The instrumental serves as the perfect backdrop for the song. The concept is real life for me. I'm often on the move, whether it be in New York or not, I'm always changing up locations."

On the video:
"For the video I wanted to capture the energy of what it feels and looks like to be constantly going somewhere—it's often dark, disorienting, and sometimes lonely. You can't predict what comes with the lifestyle most the time. To show that part of it, I chose to tie in my project cover. We ended the video with a representation of it, it really captures the uncertainty of so many aspects of being in our position."

On the project:
"I was involved in the direction the overall sound took for WGMFU. Everything came together in a very organic way. I have a lot of talented producers and artists around me that I'm fortunate to call friends. I feel like we were all able to put some of our best work together on this project."

Check out the video for "Location" above, which is directed by Jonathan Astacio, Josh Gutierrez, and Ricky Zanders.