Soulja Boy has begun the transformative process of removing all of his facial tattoos as he says he wants to enter more movie and television roles.

The 29-year-old rapper spoke about his desire to remove the tattoos back in 2016, telling Say Cheese TV then he got his first face tat when he was around 16, and has since just added more and more despite his mother's disapproval. He also said that one of the main reasons he wants the tattoos removed is because he feels like he'd be type-casted as a gangster or street dude if he still had them.

Soulja also talked about how it requires several sessions to get rid of all of the face tattoos, and that the sessions aren't enjoyable at all.

Soulja also told VladTV back in 2017 how he started getting into tattoos when he was younger, and then after he made his first million dollars he got his first face tattoo because he felt like he'd never have to get a regular job in his life. 

Since Soulja Boy has been in the public eye with his face tattoos for most of his career, people were understandably taken aback when they saw them removed since he almost looks like a completely different person. Check out some of the hilarious reactions people had to Soulja's new look down below.