This Friday (July 24), New York-based producer and musician Atropolis will release his third full-length album, Time Of Sine, a project he first announced alongside the release of previous single "From Greece With Love" featuring Yiannis Mandas. Today, he returns with new single "Nostalgia On The N Train"—a dreamy piece of electronica that evokes that feeling of the mind wandering when left idle.

A music teacher in his own right, Atropolis' creative roots stretch back through most of his life, in particular an after-school jazz program at Queens College—which he cites as igniting his passion for improvisation and the work of jazz greats like Thelonious Monk. That life-long enthusiasm for all things jazz has seeped into every one of his productions, manifesting in this instance in the hypnotic, rolling rhythms and spontaneous flourishes that bob and weave in and out of the mix—all of which is brought to life in the equally mesmerising visuals that bring together distorted snapshots of figures dashing about on the daily commute.

Press play on "Nostalgia On The N Train" exclusively above.