Tomorrow, June 5, Switzerland's Gaspar Narby will release his brand new EP Transatlantic, before that arrives he's just revealed the six-track release's third single, "Sirens". A breezy piece of songwriting, the 23-year-old's softly-sung vocals breeze dreamily through the speakers over a meandering instrumental line that's got all the laid-back qualities to make it ideal for lazy summer days in the sun when all you have to do that day is watch the world go by and enjoy Narby's story of singing out of tune and driving out of town

As for the rest of the EP, which was first hinted at in April with the release of "Eighteen" and then reiterated last month with "So-So", each of the tracks on Transatlantic carry that same relaxed coolness with gentle melodies and just the faintest hint of Bonobo-esque broken beats. While you wait for the full EP to drop tomorrow, June 5, stream "Sirens" below and hit the pre-save here.