Atlantic Records celebrates its Black artists with a roundtable discussion titled #BlackMusicSavedMe.

The roundtable features producer Hitmaka, Los Angeles-based rapper Symba, and Atlanta-based singer/songwriter Breland. Complex News' Pierce Simpson is the moderator of the discussion, which focuses on Black artists' contributions to the industry, as well as what Black music means to them. 

You can livestream the roundtable via YouTube above.

The event is going down just a week after Breland released Rage & Sorrow, a three-track EP in which he addresses the nation's history with racism and the ongoing protests against police brutality and racial injustice.

"Many of us have been oscillating between inspiration and desperation over the past few weeks, and I haven’t always known what to do or say about it. Inside me at any given moment lie two distinct emotions: Rage & Sorrow," he said in a statement about the EP. "We focus a lot on the rage because it makes us feel powerful, but without acknowledging the sorrow, sometimes we end up only hurting ourselves. It is okay to feel both of these emotions, and to feel them deeply."

The project came just a month after Breland dropped his self-titled debut EP, which included his viral record "My Truck."

Symba signed with Atlantic in 2019 and has since released a number of tracks under the imprint, including "Birds in the Bando" and "Serve."