DJ Khaled looks to be working on his next album and took to Instagram to remind his fans that he's cooking up something special.

On Wednesday, Khaled posted a video on his Instagram hinting at his next project.

"Let me tell you something, I gotta get right, I got a big shoot coming up," Khaled said in the video. "I ain't getting a haircut or nothing until it's time to film this shoot. I can't wait. Remember, there's no summer without a Khaled anthem. I am summer."

Just a few hours later, he posted another image on Instagram, in which he hinted that he has a movie in the works. The image is a screenshot of a FaceTime call he had with Mark Wahlberg, with a caption that says he's available for his next big film.

"Bless up @markwahlberg , @markwahlberg was checking on my availability for the next big film 🎞 also checking in wit my famliy thank u ," he wrote in the caption. "At this moment mark was telling his team KHALED said he’s available anytime for us . 
Luv always @markwahlberg bless up !"

Khaled is no stranger to the big screen. He recently made a cameo in Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's box office hit movie Bad Boys for Life.

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