Monster Florence — the jazzy hip-hop crew consisting of vocalists Dream Mclean, Wallace Rice and Alex Osiris, drummer Cameron Morrell, multi-instrumentalist Jonny Poole, and guitarist/producer Tom Donovan — will next month release their new EP Cowboys And Idiots, kicking off today with the project's lead single "26 Ghosts".

An all-too relatable track about those haunting mistakes that keep you up at night, "26 Ghosts" counters that paralysing regret with a funk and jazz-led piece of golden hip-hop. Using each member of the band to their fullest, there's so much going on in both the lyrics and the instrumentation that you'd be doing yourself a major disservice if you didn't come back for repeated listens.

Speaking with Complex via email, Rice told us: "The track is an exploration of different relationships whether that be a partner, a substance or the relationships we have with ourselves as individuals. The '26 Ghosts' tag line relates to past failures that haunt us and continue to linger around... We were immersed in character whilst writing this song, tongue firmly in cheek!"