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Sitting somewhere between futuristic R&B and West Coast-inspired hip-hop, "Phone Won't Charge" from Norwegian talent Ivan Ave is heaven-sent for the gradually approaching spring. Mixing the kind of soulful hooks Anderson .Paak would be proud of with a Scandinavian chill, the self-produced "Phone Won't Charge" becomes a meeting point between the changing seasons. 

The lyrics, he explains below, were inspired by a period where he found himself cut off from the internet, an experience that ended up becoming a rewarding one. Once the online noise was silenced his mind became more focused and as the album he was working on neared completion, he found the inspiration to write "Phone Won't Charge".

As Ivan explains about his latest single, "In the last summer months of recording the album, I spent a couple weeks with a phone that wouldn't charge properly. I later identified my charger as the problem. Anyway, being cut off from the constant stream of information we now call reality, allowed for this song to emerge. Circular themes in my life became more apparent, as they do every now and again, in cyclical patterns. The trick is to notice them, which I probably wouldn't have if my phone was working all summer."

"Phone Won't Charge" is taken from Ivan's upcoming album Double Goodbyes, which is out April 24.