Knucks has shared the visual accompaniment to his politically-charged song "Home". Having featured on his NRG 105 project that was released last year, "Home" goes in hard on the media headlines that surround the increasing issue of knife crime in London. 24-year-old Knucks tells us about the escalation of a harmless interaction involving a knife where, unfortunately, a teen life is taken away. Directed by Asylum 33, the video starts off with a news broadcast outlining a case, before Knucks comes in with his narration. Switching between the storyline, we see also him chilling in and around his block in South Kilburn, North West London.

"'Home' is a story of how a simple dispute between two young people can lead to the growing issue of knife crime in inner-city London," says Knucks. "It also puts a face, emotions and person behind these actions, as opposed to just a detached mugshot the media usually shows us. These are real people, not mindless criminals."

Watch the video for "Home" above.