Easily one of the most anticipated albums in recent memory, Big Conspiracy, the follow-up to J Hus' 2017 LP Common Sense, has finally arrived.

After falling victim to leaks earlier this month, Hustla could've been forgiven for buckling and dropping the album early. Ultimately, he stayed strong and waited until the stroke of midnight last night, keeping his legion of fans on tenterhooks. And it's proven to be worth the wait. As we recently discussed, UK rap music is moving into more and more surprising territories, absorbing influences from across the globe via the myriad cultures blending together in LDN, and J Hus is leading that charge.

We've already heard him employing slow-jam sax melodies in "Must Be", and that was just the beginning. From the skittish strings of "No Denying" to the playful guitar licks on "Helicopter" and "Big Conspiracy", his beat selection has got far more adventurous. Even the more straight-up hip-hop productions see the rapper taking risks, playing with different flows and structures, yet somehow tying it all together.

And features have been reserved for only the best: Burna Boy and Koffee make appearances on "Play Play" and "Repeat", respectively; an unknown artist by the name of iceè tgm also features, and many online believe this to be J Hus' sister — though this remains unconfirmed. Similarly, production comes from the cream of the crop in the likes of JAE5, TobiShyBoy, iO, Sunny Kale, Levi Lennox, Scribz Riley and Nana Rogues.

Stream Big Conspiracy in full below.