When Daniel "Tekashi 6ix9ine" Hernandez received a massively shortened sentence on Wednesday, the internet quickly dug up a clip of Charlamagne tha God making a bet on the outcome of the case. "If Tekashi 6ix9ine beats this case, I will suck his dick and he doesn't even have to ask me," he said in a video from a year ago. Now that 6ix9ine has only received two years in prison and five years of supervised release, Charlamagne said he thought it was a "sure bet."

6ix9ine didn't completely beat the case, and Charlamagne has already argued on Instagram that pleading guilty and cooperating is "not beating your case," but he confirmed his statement was "hyperbole" anyway. "Listen, I would never use that kind of hyperbole if I didn't think it was a sure bet," he said.

"It's all hyperbole. So that's what I was using to let people know that there was no way in hell 6ix9ine was beating this case," he continued. "You got these idiots on social media who will say things now like, 'Oh, well, he only got 24 months. Technically that's beating the case.' No, it's fucking not. There's no such thing as technically beating your case. I don't care if it was 24 months or two days, you got sentenced."

Charlamagne continued, "I would never do it, it was a sure bet... Everybody go Google hyperbole, it's an exaggeration you know what I mean?"