Tory Lanez isn't impressed by the current state of hip-hop.

While talking to Hot 97's Ebro in the Morning on Tuesday, Lanez explained that he had to clear more than 40 samples for his project Chixtape 5Lanez said he made such a huge effort because he felt like the world needed something fresh and innovative to listen to. 

"You got to look at rap right now. Rap is in a horrible place," Lanez says at the interview's 10:36-minute mark. "I just feel like rap has gotten to a repetitive place. There's just this one sound right now that sounds like it's out of an automated box. It's like, 'Let's go on it, put a bunch of autotune on it, hood n*gga beat, hood n*gga song, and it's good to go.'"

Lanez admits that he too is responsible for recycling sounds. "Of course we all draw sounds and inspirations from each other. I been one of the people who've done that too...but I feel like when everybody starts to sound the same and I keep hearing the same drum and the same kick and the same snare and the same hi-hat and the same patterns, it gets to the point where I start saying this shit's in a bad place right now," he said.

Despite his complaint, Lanez isn't completely turned off by the genre. He praised Polo G, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, and Roddy Ricch. He especially showed love to Young Thug, who he thinks has had a huge impact on today's sound.

"I think Thugger is responsible for 75% of the rap style that's going on right now," Lanez explained. "And I don't think we shed enough light on Thugger for that...It's important for him to shed light on it because people have been taking his style so blatantly and not showing the respect." 

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