Tomorrow, November 15, forward-thinking hip-hop duo Mr Key and Greenwood Sharps will release their new collaborative EP, Green & Gold (pre-order here). The pair have been working closely together for quite a few years now and their partnership sounds more and more cohesive with each new release.

Ahead of the album drop, the pair have just unveiled the final pre-release single, "Luv Is All U Need M8". Tapping into that well-honed formula of Sharps' woozy, avant garde rap beats and Key's stream-of-consciousness, spoken word style makes for a mind-expanding listen that contrasts cleverly against the unpretentious title. Ultimately, it's a message of positivity, encouraging the listener to resist the temptation to get sucked into all the hate which seems to have injected itself into every facet of our lives and instead embrace love.

Speaking with Complex via email, Mr Key told us: "Love is not all you need. You also need to register to vote. I will be voting labour, because love."

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