DJ, producer and founder of Roche Musique, Cézaire is getting ready for the release of his new EP, Attraction, due out later this year. Before we get ahead of ourselves waiting on the much-needed follow-up to his 2016 debut, Seize The Day, Cézaire has thankfully blessed us with the new five-track EP's lead single, "You Came In Time".

Featuring LA native Phabo and Parisian artist Jordan Lee, "You Came In Time" is a glorious and luxurious piece of modern soul meets futuristic R&B, held together with a sweeping cinematic production and an undeniably French sensibility that elevates it to the highest heights. Slick, beautiful and seductive, "You Came In Time" might be the ultimate soundtrack to this year's cuffing season.

Speaking on the EP, Cézaire said: "This EP is about the theme of attraction and 'You Came In Time' speaks about a person, who could be the one and only. Knowing that there are billions of people on the Earth, this song refers to the exact timing that we encounter that person. To me, this second EP is a logical follow-up which falls within my path. Of course, its central theme is attraction, but by that, I refer first to one thing: making your dreams come true."

The single is out everywhere October 24.

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