For the past two years, Young Adz x Dirtbike LB, now better known as the rap duo D-Block Europe, have been at the forefront of a sound they describe as “UK rap wave”, blending Auto-Tuned melodies with unfiltered street tales and explicit, sexual lyrics with high shock value.

Whatever label you choose to give DBE’s music, their rise to superstardom seems inevitable: their name, if you didn’t know, originates from an early connection with the hip-hop icon and D-Block Records co-founder, Jadakiss, who originally wanted a 15-year-old Young Adz to feature on one of his songs, but then later offered him a record deal instead. D-Block Europe are now (successfully) independent, but remain as the European arm of the global rap faction that is D-Block, growing the name admirably on their home turf. 

The Lewisham natives have had five singles spend nine weeks or more in the charts, while their last mixtape, Home Alone, peaked at No. 6 and still remains in the album charts five months after its original release. In the space of a few short hours, they sold-out two shows at Alexandra Palace (which holds over 10,000 people) as part of their forthcoming PTSD tour—which is in celebration of their sophomore album of the same name. The highly-anticipated tour will see them visit 14 different cities in total, occupying venues that can hold thousands, as well as two shows at Ally Pally. As far as UK rap tours go, DBE’s one for PTSD is one of the biggest we’ve seen thus far. 

With collaborations with Lil Baby, Offset and Rich the Kid now under their belt, Young Adz x Dirtbike LB’s presence is being felt far beyond the UK. Their relentless work ethic and genuine connection with their fans underpins all of their success—and their blend of entrepreneurship and creativity will only continue to drive their global ascent. Not ones to do much interviews, Complex were lucky enough to catch D-Block Europe at a recording studio in West London to discuss their come-up, charting, setting trends, PTSD and more.