ComplexCon Chicago shined a light on a number of homegrown talents, including Taylor Bennett, who brought his raps and energy to the Pigeons & Planes stage. Complex caught up with the 23-year-old artist prior to his performance, who talked about the importance of connecting with his fans. "I'm giving them my all because I understand that I'm living in Taylor Bennett's shoes forever, but I want to make sure that they get to experience that, and that means being comfortable with myself," he explained.

He continued, "My biggest dream has always been standing on a stage with a crowd of hundreds and thousands of people, and at one point just tell them, look to their left and their right, and letting them know that it doesn't matter if you're gay, if you're black, if you're straight, if you're white, that all of those people can come together over one thing, and it could be music."

Check out the full video above.