Miley Cyrus sent out an extended message of personal truth Thursday, pushing back against claims from those pathetic enough to fabricate antiquated relationship-ending rumors regarding her split from Liam Hemsworth.

In the first in a series of powerfully vulnerable tweets, Cyrus explained that she's accepted that the nature of her life is such that being "completely open and transparent" with both her fans and the general public is a requirement. What she won't abide, however, is being the subject of those aforementioned fabrications. 

"I have nothing to hide," she said, later stating that "it is no secret" she placed a greater emphasis on the party life during a different era.

That era, she noted, ultimately produced what she considers her biggest song to date.

From there, Cyrus spoke of cheating in relationships when she was younger and recalled losing a sponsorship deal as a teenager simply for "ripping a bong." Tying all this back to her split from Hemsworth, Cyrus said their reconciliation was approached with full commitment, meaning "there are no secrets to uncover" regarding the eventual split.

"I can admit to a lot of things but I refuse to admit that my marriage ended because of cheating," she said.

Earlier this month, Cyrus seemingly addressed this next chapter ahead in her surprise new song "Slide Away."