A slew of costume changes, a touching "I love you sincerely fax machine" message, a kind robot, and an edible Ed have all been assembled in the spirit of the latest No. 6 Collaborations Project music video.

Up top, catch the whimsical (and movie references-stacked) video for Ed Sheeran and Travis Scott's "Antisocial," directed by Dave Meyers.

In a nearly hour-long interview with iHeartRadio's Charlamagne tha God that also dropped on No. 6 Collaborations Project release day, Sheeran discussed his creative process, particularly in terms of nailing down final mixes against a deadline.

"It's weird, like, the musical side of it," Sheeran told Charlamagne. "If it sounds good, it's done. Like, for me, like, even if a guitar is slightly out of tune or if the vocals are a bit rough. If it sounds good, it's done. But when it comes to mixing, you have to listen to it on so many different speakers."

Speaking on La Flame, Sheeran said he found much in common with the ASTROWORLD maestro.

"He has it, and we were talking about it, and I think he's very lucky that the girl that he's with [Kylie Jenner]," he said. "He says that they have a similar thing where that they just have their little circle."

Catch the video version of the discussion below. Radio listeners, meanwhile, can catch a radio broadcast of the special across more than 150 iHeartRadio stations nationwide at 8 p.m. local time Friday.

In a note shared with the Apple Music release of the new album, Sheeran shouted out Nashville as crucial to the process and noted that he tried to step "out of my comfort zone" with these songs.

"I based myself in Nashville, set up a studio there, and started making songs, so whenever an artist passed through Nashville I would hit them up and they would come to the house," he said.