Back in 2014 when Nipsey Hussle took Complex on a tour of his neighborhood, he stopped by to check on his young homie who went by the name “Tiny Boss Hogg.” Motivational quotes covered the walls in the bedroom where they used to have a studio: words to live by while running a Marathon, like, “Quitting is not an option,” and “Don’t wait! The time will never be just right.”

Five years later, much has changed, but BH is still living by those words. Chatting via FaceTime from that same room, he takes a moment to reminisce on simpler times. “I made my first song in this room right here,” says Little Boss Hussle aka Hoggy Bluestrip. “Me and Nip used to sleep in here on the floor, bro. Yeah, that type shit.”

Today, the All Money In rapper premiered his new single “Trap Pac” with production by Turbo and stark black-and-white visuals directed by Kenneth Wynn. The video, which finds BH and Nipsey rolling deep through Crenshaw on four wheelers, was filmed just weeks before the tragic events of March 31.

“Anything in this hood life is momentary,” says Nip on the song’s intro. “We never have a long run. So we keep close to heart our memories and moments shared with the locs and powerhouses. If we could bring back the dead, I’d die 1000 times till I got it right.”

“Nip was my mentor with this shit,” says BH, who survived a gunshot to the head in 2007 and vowed to change his life after bouncing back. Nipsey’s song “Count Up That Loot” on his Mailbox Money mixtape tells part of that story. Further reflections on this life-changing moment can be found on BH’s Boyz N Tha Hood tape, released December 31, 2014, the same day as Mailbox Money.

“I almost lost my life dealing with everybody who’s still doin’ dumb shit,” says BH. “It ain’t even worth it. To make a long story short, since that day Nip pulled me under his wing. I been with him ever since.”

Nip’s advice to BH, by word and example, was to work on his craft and focus on making great music. “I didn’t even talk to people about it,” says BH. “I would only talk to Nip. See, nobody knows what I got. Y’all think I was with Nip every fuckin’ day for all these years and didn’t learn all the game?” BH summarizes the All Money In philosophy as “Loyalty over everything. Without loyalty, the money and all that shit don’t even matter.”

Ermias Asghedom’s untimely passing has inspired an abundance of tributes all over the globe—none more heartfelt or powerful than those recorded by his All Money In team, the artists carrying the torch for Hussle’s musical legacy. It was Cobby Supreme and BH, the youngest member of the AMI fam, who joined YG to perform “Last Time That I Checc’d” during the recent BET Awards tribute.

As BH observes, “Our shit built off the ground. No matter where we come from or what we been through, that don’t mean we can’t be successful. Go hard as you could. Run your marathon. This shit don’t stop.”