Despite habitually donning the 3 cap for what seemed like ages, Chance the Rapper has proven himself to be a man of many hats. This was on full display when he decided to make his stand-up comedy debut. 

On Wednesday, Chance shared on Instagram a piece of the set he performed at Chicago's Laugh Factory. Though this was his first time on the stage, Chance's skills as a showman seem to have translated. The clip started with him ridiculing the hypothetical "cookout" that white people get invited to for doing basic human things like not being racist. He then shifted to asking critical questions about pop culture staples.

"You want to know what I want to know?" Chance asked the audience toward the end of the clip. "Who keeps Airbnb-ing their house out for Chris Hansen to catch predators?"

Of course, any good comedy set wouldn't be complete if the comedian didn't have a back-and-forth with a heckler. As for Chance, he battled through this with ease, showing his ability to remain on the topic while engaging with the audience. 

Like his upcoming album, fans can thank Chance's wife for giving him the confidence to hit the stage. In the post's caption, he explained how his spouse gassed him up to do the three-minute, adding that this was a fear he always wanted to conquer. 

"Date Night was amazing last night," the rapper began. "After the show was over they had an open mic and my wife gassed me into doing 3 minutes. I had a lil heckler try to cut into my jokes but I made it through and conquered a fear of mine. Moral of the story, getchu somebody thats gone gas you, and then take them on dates (more often)."