Nipsey Hussle built close relationships with a lot of personalities in the music industry before his death. Master P is one example. On Friday, Master P stopped by Big Boy's Neighborhood to detail the nature of his friendship with Nipsey. 

"Me and Nipsey we jammed, man," Master P explains at the video's 14-minute mark. "I taught him a lot. I looked over a lot of the contracts he had. That's just how he was. He was like, 'Big Dog, I need you to see this.' I'm right there. Our relationship was strong."

During his career, Nipsey emphasized the importance of ownership through independent success, a lane Master P is more than familiar with. En route to selling over 70 million records worldwide, Master P developed a model that made his No Limit Records one of the biggest independent record labels in music history.

Master P also has a close connection with the West Coast. No Limit Records was a record store that Master P owned in Richmond, California. When he started rapping, he transformed the business into a music brand that sprouted throughout Northern California before eventually returning home to New Orleans. In some ways, this mirrors the business model Nipsey created with his All Money In, No Money Out record label and Marathon brand.

Nipsey cited Master P as an influence on several occasions. He claimed his crew was "the No Limit of the West" on "Rap N***as." Nipsey also spoke to Billboard about how Master P's No Limit Records impacted his career trajectory. 

"You didn’t have to see the back and see the logo—you could see the artwork and know it’s a No Limit release.  They branded an image. Master P was an innovator in so many different ways," Nipsey said. "Puff gets his credit. Dame and Jay get their credit. Ruff Ryders, Irv Gotti and Chris Gotti, they get their credit. P don’t get his credit, man."