Mally Mall had his home in Los Angeles raided after several women accused him of running a human trafficking operation and committing rape. 

LAPD SWAT searched Mall's home after they recieved allegations of "multiple rapes and human sex trafficking, as well as firearms on the premises," according to law enforcement sources who spoke to TMZ. The website reports that officers seized exotic animals, including a Serval cat and a spider monkey that was found at another of Mall's properties.

The raid came after a Texas woman accused Mall of holding her against her will after flying her out to Los Angeles in January. The unnamed woman said that Mall drugged and raped her, locking her in a room in his home. Sources close to Mall told TMZ that the rapper has evidence that the claims are an extortion plot. 

Mall was detained by Los Angeles police and released, which lead Mall's lawyer to call the allegations bunk. 

"If they had real evidence, they would have arrested him," attorney Steve Sadow told TMZ. "They don't have evidence. It's bogus. Period."  

Authorities say the investigation is ongoing. In addition to the January incident, Mall was named in a civil lawsuit aiming to invalidate Nevada's prostitution laws, claiming that he ran a sex slavery operation out of Las Vegas. One of the three sex workers who filed the lawsuit claimed that she responded to an ad for Mall's alleged escort service in 2006, only to be denied a wage after several months working for the producer.

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