London-born DJ, producer and favourite of Jamz Supernova, Melle Brown is getting ready to release her debut EP, Intersection. The jewel in the EP's crown, "Background Noise", a slow-burning, groove-filled club cut with some strong R&B overtones.

Joining her on the track is singer-songwriter-producer Oli Hannaford, who brings his "James Blake with a bit more of a smile" vibe to proceedings, lacing the cut with some sweetly-sung vocals to add even more colour to what is already a vibrant little feet-mover.

Speaking with Complex over email, Melle said: "The inspiration behind 'Background Noise' stems from a place of determination and self-belief. Treating negative energy or various opinions that may lead you astray as 'background noise', allows you to focus on what really matters, whatever that may be... I'd like that part to become unique to the person on the receiving end of the track."

Catch Melle Brown at the next Future Bounce club night alongside Roche Musique. Tickets and info here.