Today, R&B and pop auteur AARICIA will launch the video for the first in a trilogy of visual releases. We've already had the audio for the first two chapters — "Dry Water" and "One Time" — and now we're getting the video for the former. Chapter 1, "Dry Water", finds AARICIA beginning her three-part journey alone in the desert, miles away from the nearest signs of human life. As she makes sense of her surroundings and how she got there, she spots a lone car on the horizon and her story continues.

Musically, "Dry Water" takes a lot of cues from various strains of bass music like UK garage, bassline and deep house, while her surefooted vocals combine R&B and pop for a track that has all kinds of chart potential. As for the rest of the tale, there's more than a couple of twists and turns so make sure you keep it locked on her socials in the coming weeks so you don't miss any of it.