Even though Berkeley, California rapper Rexx Life Raj is currently on tour with Bas, that hasn’t stopped him from dropping his first new release of the year.

Above, Complex is premiering the video for “Never Change,” a melodic recollection of Rexx Life Raj's career thus far. The video is particularly poignant as he decided to capture footage in Berlin and London, showing different scenes and moments from both cities, including recording in the studio, performing at shows, and plotting with his crew.

“We flew out to London for a show I had in the U.K. and I had a few days off so I said, “F*** it. I’m going to the studio,’” Raj told Complex. “I had JULiA LEWiS send me a beat and I knocked it out. Then my shooter [Marco Alexander] was like, ‘Let’s shoot it.’ I said, ‘Bet. I’m never scared.’ So we mobbed around London getting some dope shots, which lead to Ari thinking we should get a shot on the London Eye. Done.”

At the top of the year, Complex included Rexx Life Raj in its 20 Rappers to Watch List for 2019. Check out the “Never Change” video up top.