British rap newcomer KNWGD is slowly building a reputation for delivering well-constructed stories over bouncy productions. This is exhibited on Ego, his debut tape, which features a mixture of boastful raps, smooth singing, and slick melodies. On his latest release, "Autumn", KNWGD highlights all of these facets and more. The first of the three tracks, "Poppin Off", produced by Nastylgia, is a head-nodding number that shines a light on the rapper's braggadocios side. The next one, "David Letterman", is an introspective tell-all that touches on family, women and friends, and has Clonez providing a laid-back vibe on production. 

KNWGD wraps up the reverie with "Stay Inside", a sensual offering based around an intimate encounter with a sweet one. HANA's angelic vocals are the cherry on top of this well-layered cake, which is produced by Twlve. Directed by Terry Paul, watch the hazy short film for "Autumn" exclusively above.