UPDATED 6:45 p.m. ET: Pump posted the body cam footage on his Instagram account, and threatened the responding officer with legal action: "DIRTY ASS 🐷SAID 'ITS YOUR BAG NOW,'" he wrote in the caption. "THIS RACIST SHIT NEEDA STOP LAWSUIT ON DA WAY."

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On literally the same day Lil Pump preceded the release of his new album Harverd Dropout with a Lil Wayne collab, excerpted body cam footage from his December 2018 arrest in Miami has surfaced.

The footage was of course shared by TMZ Thursday and shows Pump arguing with responding officers at the Miami airport about an alleged bag that "smelled of" weed. "That's not my bag," Pump repeatedly tells the officers. At one point, a member of Pump's team—manager/A&R Dooney Battle—proposes that something had been planted. Eventually, one of the officers shouts "Calm down!" in Pump's face as he continues disputing that the bag belongs to him.

Pump and his team were ultimately arrested in December for disorderly conduct. TSA, according to reports at the time, had flagged the bag in question for an alleged weed smell. However, no weed or substances of any kind were found in the bag. The bag was later determined to have belonged to someone else on Pump's team. Pump and Dooney ultimately entered a not guilty plea on the misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.

The Harverd Dropout chapter fully kicked into gear with the release of his MAGA era Kanye West collab "I Love It" back in September. In an interview with Billboard conducted the same week as his and West's joint Saturday Night Live appearance as bottled water, Pump revealed that he recorded his portions of the track—which was given to him by West as a "gift" for his 18th birthday—in 15 minutes.