NorthSideBenji isn't wasting any time in 2019: less than a month in and he's already released his new EP CaviarDreams (which dropped on January 18) and now we have a new visual to accompany one of the project's hottest cuts, "Levels" featuring Houdini.

Hailing from Brampton, Benji is one of Toronto's rising stars and has all the talent and versatility needed to make an impact not only at home but beyond our borders thanks to his confessional lyrical style and melodic flow. He even clocked a "Fire in the Booth" freestyle on BBC Radio 1 last year. We'll definitely be checking for what he's up to this year, cause he's on track to make some serious moves for 2019.

Peep the "Levels" video below, or listen to the entire CaviarDreams EP below via Spotify.