Kehlani is starting off 2019 with new music, sharing her first offering “Nights Like This” featuring Ty Dolla Sign.

The singer spoke on working with Ty Dolla on the track, which was premiered as a world record on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio show.

“I love Ty,” she said. “We’ve made songs and it just hasn’t come out because it hasn’t been the time. Just being like, ‘Oh I love you on this!’ Or, ‘I love you on this,’ ‘I can hear you on this, let me get you this record.’ Or like, ‘Let’s link up and do this.’ This was just the perfect time for us both to finally put something out.”

She also talked about her upcoming mixtape, which will have four features on it and is scheduled to come out in February.

As for her next album, Kehlani says it will focus on telling untold stories centering around her parents as she transitions into becoming a parent herself.

It's a real story. My next official album, album is a story. I'm telling stories I've never told, they're not even, some, from my perspective, they're from the perspective of two people that I'm about to bring out into the world, into light. Which transfers into how I interpreted their stories and then transfers ... it's basically a gift to my daughter.

So, it's my parents' story articulated into mine, articulated into a gift for my daughter, so she knows where she comes from.

But, due to the story of my parents, actually, and where they're at in life right now, it's been a really big energetic purge for me to even like, not only draw out of myself, but attempt to obtain the stories from them, because they're from different, you know, big crazy backgrounds. And my father isn't here, and my mom is doing her thing, so we'd have to go find her to do get these stories to do that. So, that was becoming just a serious thing. And then also a really heavy load to process while I'm pregnant. It's like breaking down my mom as I'm about to be a mom.

In the video for “Nights Like This,” Kehlani revives a robot who has fallen on her doorstep. She teaches her to be a human, and eventually becomes very close to her. But Kehlani suffers an unsettling fate when she becomes ill, prompting the robot to take her life and transferring her data into Kehlani’s body.

Ty comes home and has no idea what happened. Before he figures anything out, it’s too late: Kehlani, the robot, has taken Ty’s life by absorbing his soul.

The futuristic, sci-fi premise is a new direction for Kehlani, and it certainly builds anticipation for what kind of themes she’s thinking of for her mixtape. You can watch the video above.