Ski Mask the Slump God has issued a warning for Vic Mensa, following Mensa's diss toward XXXTentacion at the BET Hip Hop Awards. “There’s a lot of 'fuck Vic Mensa' shit going on. I heard he been hiding,” Ski Mask told TMZ. “We want all the smoke. That’s our message.”

He continued, “Say sorry, we’ll leave you alone. But until then, you better keep hiding, I ain’t gonna lie.” It seems like the only way to smooth things over is if Mensa apologizes to X’s mom.

The feud originated from Mensa's cypher, where he took aim at the late rapper, referencing his abuse allegations: “Only time you bear arms is in a wife beater, loser/Your favorite rapper's a domestic abuser,” Mensa rapped during the awards show.

Many fans and hip-hop figures called Mensa’s lyrics insensitive, especially since X's mother Cleopatra Bernard was present during the awards show.

Ski Mask also shared his thoughts on what he believed X’s message to be to his fans, before he passed: “Doing better for yourself—creating a better you. We all have pasts, we all have things that we regret, and things that we just want to do better to show people. I think his message basically was if you’re doing bad in life, you can always stop yourself and change things about yourself. Look at yourself and change things you don’t like.”

He continued, “He had some demons, he definitely did, but like who doesn’t?” He added a swift “fuck Vic Mensa” at the end.

Shortly after Mensa’s BET Cypher dropped, he returned with a new record titled “Empathy,” stating it was “in response to all the controversy.” Despite the backlash, Mensa insisted he would never stop “holding people accountable for their actions.”