"I put money on my bitch, I put money on mine."

That's what you'll whispering to yourself throughout the day after you give this new Brandon Ares video a watch. If you're not familiar with Ares and the New Orleans collective Pink Room Project, then get familiar.

The video, directed by Ares, shows performance footage and him hugging up on his main squeeze as they vibe to the deep house/N.O. bounce production provided by himself and Lil Jodeci.

Ares via email:

"The snippet in the video is an ode to all that has came before me from New Orleans. But this is about a step forward into the next level of culture."

"32 Golds" is more of an interlude than it is a song, and it'll make more sense once you listen to his genre-bending tape Good Love 2017: Dyke for context. Whatever you chose to do, just know that Ares and the Pink Room Project are next up.