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After Kanye West debuted a Roblox-inspired music video for his new song "I Love It" with Lil Pump at the Pornhub awards, some fans noticed similarities with an instrumental that T-Pain had previously shared on social media.

Acknowledging the similarities, T-Pain wrote back to a fan on Twitter and said, "Dude I legit JUST told my wife this." Then he revealed that he had recently worked with Kanye in New York and left the beat with a producer at the session. "Not saying he snatched but I’m claiming inspiration," T-Pain tweeted.

In a second tweet, T-Pain added, "I can't have nothin." If the laughing emoji he included is anything to go on, the 32-year-old artist doesn't seem to be angry about the situation, though.

The production credits for "I Love It" currently list Kanye West, DJ Clark Kent, CBMIX, and Ronny J. It's still unclear which producer T-Pain left his beat with when he was working with Kanye. For comparison's sake, you can watch the Amanda Adelson and Kanye West-directed "I Love It" music video—which already has over 30 million views—below.