It’s been nearly a week since the untimely death of Mac Miller, who was desperately loved by his fans and peers alike. Since his career began at age 18, Miller continued to improve his craft, support other rising artists, and inspire a dedicated and loyal base.

In a new letter shared with Billboard, Benjy Grinberg pens a tribute to the late Pittsburgh legend. Grinberg is the founder of Rostrum Records, and gave Miller his first ever record deal eight years ago. Through his own words, he now reflects on what made Miller so special.

“Mac was the guy you grew up with or maybe he was you in your own coming of age struggles and celebrations. He talked about things you could relate to and was open about everything he was going through,” he wrote. “Mac never wore a disguise. He was who he was, whether you were with him in person, heard him in song, saw him at a show, or worked with him in the studio...To know Mac was to want to know him even better.”

Since his death, dozens of artists have made tributes to Miller at concerts or online. A vigil was held in his honor on Tuesday, where thousands of fans came to remember him at Frick Park’s Blue Slide Playground—the inspiration for his debut studio album Blue Slide Park.

The 26-year-old was well loved for being one of the nicest guys in the industry, but Grinberg remembers Mac not only as an amazing person, but an extremely talented musician. “He was, without a doubt, the most gifted person I've ever known. He was an intricate wordsmith, played every instrument, and produced incredible music,” he wrote. “Mac was music through and through. He lived it and breathed it, and there was never a plan B for him. Music was what he was put on this earth to make. He was a true visionary. As true as artists come.”

In his letter, the label founder emphasizes Mac’s desire to live, grow, and make everyone around him happy. "Whatever happened the day he died, I feel that it was an accident. He didn't intend to leave,” he wrote. “In recent conversations, Mac seemed to be feeling great. He was really proud of his new album and couldn't wait to go on tour and see his fans. This is a horrible tragedy.”

He ends the eulogy by expressing how grateful he is to have been a part of Miller’s life. “Mac changed my life and I will miss him terribly,” he wrote. “Thankfully, we have so much to remember him by; the music, the memories, the laughter, the smile. The gifts he shared with the world will live forever.”

Read Benjy Grinberg’s full letter on Mac Miller here.