Tweeting about all the jobs she had in retail before making it as a superstar singer, SZA shared a hilarious story on Sunday morning about the time she got fired for accidentally eating weed brownies.

After revealing that she worked for places like True Religion, Sephora, H&M, and Abercrombie, the Top Dawg Entertainment singer brought up the fact that clothing company Diesel fired her because of "a weed brownie conspiracy."

SZA says it all started when she walked into work and ran into a co-worker who had brought a container of brownies from home.

Unaware that the brownies had marijuana in them, SZA ate two.

Then things took a bad turn.

Reacting to the brownies worse than anyone else, SZA says she looked like she "ATE meth" and told her boss she needed to go to the doctor. In response, SZA's boss fired her and she was left searching for answers in a Mexican restaurant.

The "weed brownie conspiracy" ended up having a happy ending for SZA, though.

Being forced out of the world of retail worked out well for the Grammy-nominated singer, as she just celebrated with fans for passing two billion streams. "Today I found out we 2.3 billion streams deep and a bunch a other cool stuff," SZA wrote on Instagram. "I love my family. I love you all for pressing play at any time. Thank you for this journey."