I can't remember the last time I had a truly "good" week. I mean, seven consecutive days of goodness?

For Playboi Carti, a recent example of a "good week" involved Blac Chyna. Speaking with the Ebro in the Morning team Tuesday, Carti was asked about the Die Lit cut "Love Hurts," featuring Travis Scott, which somehow resulted in Chyna's name being brought up. "You know, I just got a lot of friends," Carti said of his dating history. "LA get crazy, you know. ... Yeah, that's my homie, though. We ain't that deep. Good week."

As you may or may not recall depending on your tolerance level for tabloid nonsense, Carti and Chyna's names appeared alongside each other in a number of headlines last year.

But enough of that. Carti's excellent Die Lit is currently getting the road treatment, with the next stop scheduled for Tuesday night at the Fillmore in Philadelphia. The tour then hits Norfolk, Raleigh, and Atlanta. The mosh-ready album's title, as Carti explained to Ebro during Tuesday's interview, is a bit of a mantra. "When you go out, go out with a bang, anything you do," he said.

Asked to elaborate on why he wanted the idea of death represented in the title of his debut album, Carti said the idea was centered on seizing all possible moments. "I feel like you just never know," he said. "There's so much going on in this world, bro. I'm from Atlanta, so, stuff crazy. When I made the album, I wasn't jinxing myself . . . It was more so, like, everybody who's a fan of what I'm doing, I just wanted everybody to just look at my album and just take that as, like I said earlier, whatever you're doing, just do the best because you never know when it's over."