It's looking like Nicki Minaj might just push back the release date for her highly anticipated fourth studio album Queen, again. The record, which was originally going to drop on June 15, is now slated to be released on August 10, though that may change.

Nicki took to Twitter to share her dilemma with fans. She revealed that her album has a song on it that features "1of the greatest rappers of all time," but, unbeknownst to her until recently, the track contains an uncleared sample of a Tracy Chapman track.

Though Nicki didn't reveal to fans which Chapman songs is sampled, she reached out to the artist via Twitter.

Nicki then deleted those tweets and posted a Twitter poll. At the time of this writing, with 97,200 votes, 49 percent of fans have voted for "Keep date/lose record" and 51 percent have cast their vote for "keep record/push date1 wk." 

Stay tuned as we find out if Queen will drop on August 10 or a week later.

In the meantime, here's the official video for Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car," which may or may not be the sample in question thrown over a trap beat.