Layering ragged vocals over ominous production, Lil Wop's "Deathnote" is a song that feels like it should be playing on loop in hell. It sounds evil.

Director Paul John of Midnight Cinema must have picked up on a similar feeling, because he came up with a music video that taps into that dark energy and completely runs with it. As snakes, flames, and women show up on the floor around him, Lil Wop plays with a knife and drawls into the camera: "When you die and you go to hell, when you look up, gon' see me."

The song will land on his upcoming mixtape, Wopavelli 4, which is scheduled for a summer release on 1017 and Alamo Records. The project will feature production from ChaseTheMoney, Nick Mira, DJ Ayo, and more. "Wopavelli 4 is gonna make you do some crazy shit!" he says. "It’s hard, full of all my energy, and I’m excited for everyone to hear it."

Speaking with Pigeons & Planes in late 2017 about what it was like to sign with his idol Gucci Mane, Wop explained, "That shit was like a dream come true. It was supposed to be that way. Just being around him and how he carry himself—he a boss. That's how I'm gonna be."

Watch the premiere of Lil Wop's "Deathnote" video above.